Meridian Therapy Seminar ​2019

Let’s master the basics! ​Back by popular demand!

1.3 practical training instructors will demonstrate detailed techniques!

This year, we are excited to welcome Dr. Seiki Yamaguchi and Dr. Akiko Murakami to demonstrate along with Dr. Katsuyuki Oue.

We will learn/experience the process of diagnosis methods including pulse diagnosis and abdominal diagnosis➜capturing acupuncture points➜Treatment.

2.Due to high popularity, we have increased the seating capacity. Early bird discount has been extended as well!

Since we are almost at maximum capacity, we have increased the seating capacity.

Last day of early bird discount is February 14, Valentine's Day!

3.JACC members will receive discount!

Contact:KIYO <> 310-570-8285



『図解よくわかる経絡治療講義』の著者、大上勝行による電子研究所。 電子書籍・ビデオ配信などにより、鍼灸・古典医学・経絡治療・東洋医学の情報配信を行います。


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