Meridian Therapy Seminar ​2019

Let’s master the basics! ​Back by popular demand!

Dates and Contents: 

5/3-5 /2019 (Reception starts @8:30am)

5/3 Basics Course - The Basics (Same contents from 2018) 

 9am - 12noon 1:30pm - 5pm /  About Meridian Therapy   

5/4 Basics Course - Intermediate 1

9am - 12noon 1:30pm - 5pm / Kidney Deficiency Pattern in Meridian Therapy 

5pm - 7pm / Social Dinner

5/5 BasicsCourse-Intermediate2

9am-12noon 1:30pm-4:30pm / Psychiatric and Psychodiagnostic Disorders in Meridian Therapy 

*Contents may be subject to change 


Katsuyuki Oue 

 Dr. Oue graduated from Kinki University in pharmacology and graduated from Osaka Acupuncture School. He studied under Dr. Masakazu Ikeda. He is the president of Oue Pharmaceutical Clinic, director/instructor of Meridian Therapy Conference and its Summer College, president of Nishizuka Labo, and vice president of Tokushima Prefecture Acupuncturist Association. 

His published books include: 

Easy to Understand Meridian Therapy Lecture Illustrated,

Nan Jing Lesson - A Picture Book (both published by Ido-No-Nippon-Sha,)

and “Seasons of Eastern Medicine - Tuning Up the Body With Self-Care” (Miki Press.)


 New Gardena Hotel

  1641 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247  



 40 students on a first-come-first-served basis.​(Reception closes as seats are filled) 


Contact: ​




 If you are planning on staying at the New Gardena Hotel, please contact Kiyo via email.           

 We will receive their special group rate for rooms reserved 

 BEFORE 8/31/2018(Twin$108+TAX10%).

 Due to the Japanese holiday week in early May, I suggest making your reservations early. They also have limited number of smoking rooms available. 

 Please include in your email: your name (both of your names if sharing), type of room (single, double, smoking, non-smoking), check-in date, and check-out date. 


 Meridian Therapy Seminar ​2018

にしずか Labo

『図解よくわかる経絡治療講義』の著者、大上勝行による電子研究所。 電子書籍・ビデオ配信などにより、鍼灸・古典医学・経絡治療・東洋医学の情報配信を行います。


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